Smoked Breakfast Sausage Bacon Onion Rings with Egg!

Smoked Sausage Bacon Onion Rings with Egg!

The title Sausage Bacon Onion Rings with Egg! Is a bit of a mouthful we know. But, when its this good you need to know exactly what you are about to make. This recipe is fairly simple to make albeit maybe a little time consuming if you have a busy morning ahead of you. No need to worry about that though as they taste amazing anytime. These breakfast sausage onion rings do not come into any contact with huge amounts of oil as they are smoked before a quick finish on the griddle. This means the clean up after is quick and getting the perfect end result is much easier.


This is such a simple side dish to make that you only need a few ingredients and you are ready to start.

  • Breakfast Sausage – Either uncase your favorite sausages and use this or buy a pack of pork sausage mince.
  • Onions – You want to buy the biggest you can see in the store
  • Bacon – A pack or two of thin bacon
  • Rub – Your favorite BBQ rub
  • Eggs – 1 per onion ring

Smoked Sausage Bacon Onion Rings with Egg Method

To start you will need to slice the onions into rings. You want fairly thick slices as it will work as a shell for the sausage mince. When you cut the slices keep the large outside ring of onion and a ring maybe three or four layers inside the onion. You can see from the picture below how it should look. With the two rings of onion ready, stuff the gap with the sausage mince.

Stuff the breakfast sausage between the rings
Stuff the breakfast sausage between the rings

Once the rings are assembled as per the picture above it is time to wrap the rings in bacon. You want to do this tightly and make sure you cannot see any onion poking through. Tuck the ends of the bacon in and if it wont stay tightly wrapped use a cocktail stick to hold it all together. If you do use cocktail sticks make sure to remove them before serving.

Wrap the Onion Rings in Bacon
Wrap the Onion Rings in Bacon

With the rings assembled and everything looking neat and tidy it is time to season the rings with your favorite rub. The choice of rub is completely up to you and your personal taste. We like to use one of the Meatchurch rubs as they have an excellent depth of flavor. You can check out various rubs here. (Affiliate Link)

The bacon wrapped onion rings with egg are awesome

The bacon wrapped onion rings with egg are awesome

Time to Smoke

Leave the rings to rest on a plate or rack whilst you get out in the yard and get the smoker set up. Get the charcoal lit and you want to bring the smoker up to about 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this is done you should place the onion rings directly onto the grill grates. These will need to be smoked for at least an hour and potentially up to an hour and a half. Start checking them around the hour mark and once the bacon is as crispy as you desire remove from the smoker. With the pork sausage it is important that it reaches an internal temperature of at least 155 degrees Fahrenheit so give the thickest part a probe to make sure you are over that as well.

Put a little egg white in and under the ring
Put a little egg white in and under the ring

The final part of the cook will need to be done on a griddle. If you have a Blackstone or something similar that is perfect. If not then you can get back in the kitchen and use a saucepan. You will need to separate the egg yolks from the whites to do this. Bring the pan up to a medium hot temperature and put a very small amount of oil in. Place the rings into the pan and pour a little egg white into the whole of the ring. Then place an egg yolk on top of this. The picture above will show exactly how it should look. Cover with a lid for just a minute or so until the egg yolk is cooked the ay you like it. You are now ready to enjoy this fantastic breakfast item!

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