Smoked Philly Cheesesteak Shotgun Shells

Smoked Philly Cheesesteak Shotgun Shells

With shotgun shells taking the internet by storm, we decided it was time to find a new and interesting variation of them. This was where we stumbled across smoked Philly cheesesteak shotgun shells and they blew us away. The way the tender steak melted in our mouths and then the cheese with the taste of the pasta made us start to dream of Italy and Philadelphia simultaneously.

They are going to be an instant hit with your friends and family and also something a little different from the now-famous regular shotgun shells.

If you are struggling to get hold of Manicotti Tubes you can purchase them here.

Smoked Philly Cheesesteak Shotgun Shells Ingredients

  • 2 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
  • 2 Medium Yellow Onions – These should be sliced thinly.
  • 2 Cups Chopped Leftover Cooked Brisket
  • 2 Ounce Mozzarella, Coarsely Grated (About 1/2 Cup)
  • 1/3 Cup Chopped Roasted Red Pepper – You can roast your own or use straight from the can
  • 6 Ounce Velveeta Cheese, Grated
  • 12 Dried Manicotti Tubes (Uncooked)
  • 12 Slices Bacon
  • Traeger Beef RubĀ 
  • 2 Tablespoon Milk


Start by heating the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Once the oil is up to temperature you can add your thinly sliced onions and cook until the onions are browned. Once the onions are browned remove them from the pan and allow a short while for the onions to cool down.

Take a chopping board and place your brisket, mozzarella, red peppers, and caramelized onions onto it. With a large knife chop up the ingredients until they are very fine. The finer you cut the ingredients now the easier it will be for you to stuff the tubes later in the process. Once all the ingredients are finely chopped put them into a mixing bowl and add 75% of your Velveeta. Give the whole lot a really good mix.

These ingredients will form the filling of your Smoked Philly Cheesesteak Shotgun Shells. If you have a piping bag you can put the mix into one so that filling the tubes is easy. If you don’t have one then it’s not a big deal you will just need to use a spoon and your fingers.

Stuff the mix into the tubes
Stuff the mix into the tubes

Stuff each of the shells with the mix and make sure that each of the tubes has an even amount of filling. Once they are filled wrap each one with a slice of bacon. It is important that you cover all parts of the tube with bacon to avoid any parts of the pasta coming out hard when smoked. If you are struggling to make the bacon stay in the right place you can secure it with a toothpick.

If you need to secure the shotgun shells with toothpicks remember to remove them!
If you need to secure the shotgun shells with toothpicks remember to remove them!

With all the tubes filled transfer them to a wire rack and season. We personally found that the Traeger Beef Rub worked incredibly well but you can also use your favorite rub instead.

Crucial Step for Smoked Philly Cheesesteak Shotgun Shells!

This next step is crucial. You are going to want to refrigerate these shells for at least four hours and ideally somewhere closer to the twenty-four-hour mark. The reason for this is that during that time juices from the pasta filling will start to penetrate the pasta shells which will make for a much softer pasta when you come to eat them. We have tried to make the shells and smoke straight away and the results are definitely less satisfactory.

Time to Smoke the Shells
Time to Smoke the Shells

Fire Up the Smoker!

Once the shells have sat in the fridge long enough it is time to get them on the smoker. Light the coals and bring the smoker up to about three hundred degrees Fahrenheit. Place the wire rack directly onto the rack and smoke away. You will want the bacon to be quite crispy which should take somewhere around sixty minutes. Maybe a little less if you are using thinner bacon. Once the Smoked Philly Cheesesteak Shotgun Shells are ready get them away from the heat and onto a serving plate or board.

You should still have 25% of your Velveeta cheese left from earlier. Put it into a microwavable bowl with the milk and microwave until the cheese has melted. Mix it all together and drizzle the melted cheese all over the shotgun shells.

We love to hear from you so let us know in the comments how they turned out for you.

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