Smash Burger Tacos! - Full Recipe

Smash Burger Tacos! – Full Recipe

What do you do when you get to the cupboard and you are all out of buns on burger night? Reach for the tortillas and take part in the hottest craze of the last few months. Smash burger tacos! They might be a craze, but they are incredibly simple and delicious.

These things really are simple. They are essentially a burger smashed inside a taco and loaded up with your favorite burger toppings. When you make this dish it is very important that you press the beef really thinly so that it can get a nice crusty char but retain all of the good juices inside it.

What is a Smash Burger?

A regular burger that we have all had countless times over the years is quite thick. Whereas a smash burger is pressed really thinly and is cooked on an incredibly hot surface quickly. This ensures that you get a taste of burger crust in every bite but also a juicy inside. You will need a heavy spatula to push down the meat if you do not have a dedicated burger press.

These Tacos are going to be epic!
These Tacos are going to be epic!

Smash Burger Tacos Ingredients


1/2 cup mayonnaise (I recommend a good quality mayonnaise rather than some of the sweeter ones)
1/4 cup ketchup
1.5 teaspoons mustard
2-3 tablespoons relish – (A slightly sweet relish is good)
1 tablespoon pickle juice


1 lb 80/20 Ground Chuck
Tortillas the size of a taco
American Cheese Singles
Your favorite Burger seasonings


Shredded ice burg lettuce
Red onion

Smash Burger Tacos Method

Take all of the sauce ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. Taste the sauce and add any extra seasonings to your taste. Once you are happy with the flavor put the sauce in the fridge until you need it later.

Preheat your grill to medium or high heat. For a Smashburger to cook properly the grill needs to be high. This will ensure that the burger has an excellent sear on it when cooked.

Take the ground beef and roll it into balls that are about 2-2.5oz each. Do not season the meat just yet as you will do this once they are on the griddle.

Now is the best time to prepare your toppings. Cut the vegetables into small pieces and place them on a plate at the side of the working area.

Choose Your Favorite Burger Toppings for the Tacos
Choose Your Favorite Burger Toppings for the Tacos

Take the beef balls and place them onto the griddle. Leave enough room between each ball for the tortillas to have enough space on the grill. Leave the balls to sit on the griddle for a few seconds. Season them and place a tortilla on top of the ball. Press down on the tortilla for about five to ten seconds until the beef is really thin. Repeat this process for each tortilla until they are all pressed.

Once you have finished the last tortilla the first patty should be cooked through. Turn the tortilla over and add a slice of American cheese to the top of the burger.

As soon as the burgers are cooked completely remove them from the griddle. Add your chosen toppings and the burger sauce that should be in the fridge from earlier.


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