BBQ Stuffed Beef and Chorizo Bell Peppers - Ultimate Guide!

BBQ Stuffed Beef and Chorizo Bell Peppers – Ultimate Guide!

Sometimes you just want something different from the usual steaks and sides and these stuffed beef and chorizo bell peppers are just the thing. You can serve them us as the main with a salad or use them as a side for your main dish. They are super easy to make and really hit home leaving you feeling as stuffed as the peppers are.

If you are looking to keep your carb count low then these will do just that.

OK, lets get on with the recipe.

Recipe and Method

The ingredients for this are very flexible and you can adjust the quantities up or down depending on how many peppers you are stuffing. Firstly you should mix together equal parts of ground beef, chorizo and diced onions. If you are not counting carbs then you can also add a little cooked rice to the mix for extra filling.

Cut the Peppers Length Ways and Remove the Seeds
Cut the Peppers Length Ways and Remove the Seeds

At this point I like to add some of my favorite BBQ rub to the mix to give the mix a good seasoning. Alternatively season the mix with salt, pepper and garlic.

Cut your peppers length ways and remove the seeds from within. You want to stuff the meat mixture inside the peppers. I recommend filling about 85% as you want to leave some space at the top for the cheese you will add later.

Place your peppers on the grill over indirect heat and shut the lid on the grill. If you have a temperature probe you are looking to bring the meat up to about 150 degrees.

At this point add some mozzarella cheese to the top of the peppers and if you like BBQ sauce add a little drizzle to the top of each one.

Get the lid shut again and keep going until the meat gets to about 160 degrees. At this point the peppers should be soft enough and the cheese should be completely melted.

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What are your favorite BBQ recipes? What do you want to see us feature? Let us know in the comments below.


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