Making Sausages

How To Make Sausages! – The Ultimate Guide!

If you do a lot of barbecuing then you will probably have a ton of meat scraps and one really old-school way to get rid of those is to make sausages. The sausages we are making today are predominantly made from beef. I choose beef because that is what I like but you can use whatever meat you want.

Firstly you should put the hog casings in warm water to soak. This will really help you later when you start to make sausages. The meat scraps are sitting in the freezer getting really really cold. Every time you make sausage you always want to keep everything as cold as possible if the fat starts getting warm it gets sticky. When this happens it clogs up the grinder. so the bottom line is to keep everything ice-cold.

Whilst the casings are soaking you can make the seasoning. You can make the seasoning to suit your taste. When I do it I start off with pepper and kosher salt, then I add garlic powder, onion powder. and dry mustard. Mix it up and it is ready. It is good to experiment with different seasonings and quantities to really find the one that you really like.

Making sausages is an Art form
Making sausages is an Art form

How to Make Sausages – The Ingredients!

All sausage has to have a little bit of fat, If you don’t have fat it’s just going to be too lean and it’s going to be dry. When you make a sausage it is good to aim for 20% fat, 65% lean beef and 15% pork. If you have been preparing brisket you will likely have some great fat that you can use from that (check out our guide on preparing the best brisket.) You should cut uniform little cubes. The next step is to dump all of the meat on the cutting board. You can mix it by hand, You want the fat the beef and the pork to be evenly distributed throughout the pile. Next, you should mix in the seasonings. Make sure it’s really worked in before you put it back in the freezer. adding a little water helps keep the mix moist.

It’s a real bummer when the fat and the meat get warm while making sausage, so keep everything ice-cold including the parts to the grinder. Next, you should put the auger on and put the tray under. You can get any size grinding plate you want. I prefer a 10 millimeter you could go smaller, you can go bigger. any way you like.

Stuffing the Sausages

It’s time to stuff the tubes now. For the casings, I use hog casings. 30:32 is the size I use. They have been sitting in warm water so they’re super pliable. Get the tube wet a little bit, at this point you just gotta spend some time working the casing on.

Take the meat out of the freezer and load up the tray. Turn on the grinder and keep the casing quite tight as you feed the meat through the grinder. As the casing fills you can control the speed so that it is comfortable for you. It might be nice to have a helping hand sometimes when you’re doing this. You could tie rings, you could do links or you could do one continuous length if you want. If It gets a little lumpy you might want to slow down the casing with your right hand.

The Satisfying Results
The Satisfying Results

When I make links I’ll cut them into lengths of four that way I can get them on the cooker a little bit easier. I can also store them a little bit easier, that’s just kind of how I like it. You can do it any way you want it doesn’t matter. At this point you want to put these in the refrigerator for 24 hours, let the casings draw in a little bit and let the flavors meld and then it’s time to smoke.

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