Slow Cooking V's Fast Cooking

Slow Cooking V’s Fast Cooking – Beginners Guide!

Barbecue connoisseurs will tell you that it’s only a real barbecue if the food is cooked slowly, using indirect heat. Fast cooking, they will say is just grilling something. This guide will give you all the information to know the differences involved with Slow Cooking V’s Fast Cooking

While the difference is partly a matter of semantics, there are two different methods and there is a purpose to each way. With very different end results.

Slow cooking has some real advantages over fast cooking. For sure certain cuts of meat will have to be cooked slowly.

If you find yourself with a 12 lb piece of beef brisket or a big Boston butt (pork shoulder) then it just isn’t going to be finished in 45 minutes however hot and large you make that flame. Trying to do this is going to leave you with a piece of meat that is burnet on the outside and raw inside. This is the last thing you want as you will get sick and it will taste awful.

Offset Smoker
Offset Smoker

Using a smoker

Slow cooking usually requires a different type of instrument, such as a smoker. The actual heating chamber is separated from the meat and smoke is directed through a flue for heat and flavor. People will often put a pan at the bottom with water in it. Sometimes wine is added to the water. This is done to cool the barbecue chamber and also to add extra tenderness and flavor to the meat.

The liquid stops the meat from drying out and it also helps to keep the meat tender. Sometimes when you are cooking low and slow the meat can be on the barbecue for an entire day. At the same time, the indirect heat and lower temperatures help cook the meat evenly. During this long process, the proteins have time to make adjustments. This gives you a piece of meat with an internal temperature that is perfect and a bark on the outside that your neighbors will be jealous of.

Slow Cooking V's Fast Cooking
Slow Cooking V’s Fast Cooking

Fast Cooking

There are certainly times when you will want to cook meats fast.

If you season a steak correctly and cook it well it can be absolutely delicious. Doing this might just take a few minutes over high heat. If you add your favorite sauce it can really take the meat to another level. If you know what you are doing then this type of cooking is very consistent.

People often have a low opinion of burgers but today they are being served up in some of the greatest restaurants around the world. Burgers are an excellent choice for fast cooking (grilling.) As long as you have the right fat content, season them well and sear them then they can be amazing when fast cooked. There is a reason why they are one of America’s most enjoyed foods.

Hot dogs are another great option for fast cooking. As long as you use a strong brand and do them right then they can be amazing. Plenty of people have a dislike of hot dogs because they have never had them cooked well. By following different guides and trying new techniques you will come up with a winning result.

Keep Watching

When you fast cook, it’s important to keep the lid open in most cases. Keep an eye on the grill and watch out for any high flames. When you scorch meat it creates carbon on the outside of it. Not only does it taste bad but it is pretty unhealthy as well. When you fast cook you will also notice that things can stick easily. Having a very clean grill can help to prevent this. Also, you can purchase nonstick sprays that can make this problem go away.

Making sure you have everything prepared in advance will really make your fast cooks a breeze!

Slow Cooking V’s Fast Cooking – Which one for you?

Let us know which way you prefer!

Now you know the difference between slow cooking V’s fast cooking you will want to get started. Why not check out this amazing bacon explosion to get started.

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