Charcoal Grill Basics - Beginners Guide

Charcoal Grill Basics – Beginners Guide

Knowing the charcoal grill basics is not complicated. You have decided that you want to get your first charcoal grill. The first thing you would do is to check out the different kinds of grill available. Also, check out the pros and cons of each.

If you are the sort of person that travels a lot then you are likely to come across a lot of different places where you can use your charcoal grill. If this is you then you need to look at charcoal grills that are smaller in size and travel-friendly.

These smaller sized charcoal grills would be extremely handy for camping, tailgate parties, and small family cook-outs. Smaller charcoal grills are relatively cheap and you can buy one for an extremely wallet-friendly price of $10 or $15. If you are going to be grilling for a lot of people this will be different. With that in mind, you will need to consider a larger item.

When the Food is Cooking it is all Worth it!
When the Food is Cooking it is all Worth it!

Grill Safety

Charcoal grill basics are easy, besides the size of the grill, safety should be your prime concern. Charcoal grills naturally have a fire as well as hot embers for cooking. If it is a party then the cooking is nearly always completed with guests present. If the grill is unsteady and falls over, hot coals could fly off in all directions. This could be a real fire hazard! You should definitely think about buying a grill that you know has strong legs as well as a strong structure. If the grill has a weak and unsteady base at the beginning it is only going to get worse while you are using it.

The more expensive charcoal grills could have safety features that are built-in. This can include such things as a smothering valve or a water reservoir. There is always a chance that an accident could occur and your grill could get too hot or get out of control. These safety features automatically kick in and help prevent potential fire hazards.

A charcoal grill uses charcoal briquettes as fuel to cook the food. Charcoal cannot be re-used but it is rather inexpensive. It is available in plenty at almost any local store, grocery store or gas station. Charcoal should be light and must be stacked in a pyramid for the best results. It must be allowed to burn for a while, till the fire goes out and used when red embers of charcoal are burning.

Getting the grill and the meats ready for barbequing is the fun part. Whereas, cleaning up after the party can be a real drag. But if you intend to keep re-using your grill over and over, it is equally important to make sure it is properly cleaned after every use to prevent the formation of rust.

Get those Coals Red Hot
Get those Coals Red Hot

Charcoal Grill Basics – Cleaning!

Once the grill has cooled to a safe temperature it is time to start the cleaning process. You will find they do take a long time to cool down. One option is to leave the grill open and let the fire burn itself out. Be sure though not to leave the fire unattended as it can be a potential fire hazard. The faster option is to close the grill, cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire. Clean the grill as soon as the grill has cooled off sufficiently. Food debris left on the grill for too long can harden, making it even more difficult to clean off later.

Clean off all the grill surfaces using a wire brush and then spray the surface with spray cooking oil. Remove the racks and then clean them with dishwashing soap that has grease-fighting properties. Now you know the charcoal grill basics you are ready to purchase and enjoy one of the most rewarding hobbies there is.

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