How to Grill A Tomahawk Steak - Ultimate Guide!

How to Grill A Tomahawk Steak – Ultimate Guide!

In todays guide we are going to be looking at one of the most talked about pieces of meat you can get. The famous Tomahawk Steak. We will be learning how to grill the perfect Tomahawk Rib Eye! Tomahawks come in all different sizes but as a rule they are BIG!

I am going to show you to cook a tomahawk rib eye giant steak that is still on the rib bone. The bone of the tomahawk acts as the handle on this behemoth of a piece of beef. If you can afford it you should always go prime beef as you will get some beautiful marbling running through the meat.

Season the Tomahawk

The first thing you need to do is get some salt, pepper and garlic on the meat. You want to get a strong base foundation flavor on the meat. Make sure you season all the sides pretty heavily, its a big piece of beef it can take it. You just want to flip it over, make sure you get all of the edges. All of the fat is going to cook down and give it some great flavor.

You should rest your meat for about 30 minutes at room temperature at this point. You don’t need to put it back in the fridge. The seasoning wills tart working on the meat and begin to penetrate inside it. Whilst this is happening it is a great time to fire up the grill. It’s going to take about 15 minutes for the coals to get up to temperature. When preparing for this steak I like to separate the grill into two halves. Put all the coals on one side to get it red hot and we will use that for searing the meat. Then the other side will be cool down side. Doing it this way will really cook your tomahawk all the way through. With this done you are ready to put the grate in place.

By now the tomahawks should have been hanging out for about 30 minutes. When you look at the meat you will see the seasoning is already starting to work on the outside of the meat. It’s pulling some of that moisture out and kind of making the rub a little tacky. This is going to give it a great little crust on the top when you get it over on those hot grill grates.

The final thing right before we put it on the grill is to just hit it with a little rub. I using a steak rub but you can use any kind of flavors you want to season a tomahawk steak like this. If you like simple salt and pepper go for it. Make this recipe your own. I’m just going with a layer of coarse ground steak rub. You don’t have to get real heavy with it but it creates a nice bark to gives a little crunch on top and those flavors cook.

These Tomahawks are Going to be Good!
These Tomahawks are Going to be Good!

Time For the Grill

You are now ready to get it over the fire. I want to see at least 600 degrees coming from the fire. Just lay it right on the rack, kind of at an angle and press down. Make sure you get some good contact and then you need to set a timer  for about two and a half minutes and then you are going to put that twist on it. So get the lid closed, get a timer going and you are on the way. After two and a half minutes it is time to put a little twist on it. Ease it up, get it right back over on the hot side and mash it right back down. If you have gloves they are a great idea as this tomahawk is going to be smoking hot. Close the lid back down and set that timer for another two and a half minutes.

After a total of five minutes it’s time to flip the tomahawk over. You are repeating the process the same as before. Two and a half minutes with the lid shut. Lift it up give it a twist and do the last two and a half minutes. Your steaks have been seared on all sides now. Take it off and check it out, it should be looking amazing by now.

Time For the Indirect Heat

Now you are going to get the steak over on the indirect side. You just want to lay it over there and let the bone hang out. Whilst it is on the indirect side you want to start melting some butter, throw in some thyme and some rosemary. I also like to add a little olive oil. As that butter melts, the olive oil heats up and  it’s going to absorb those flavors from the rosemary and from the thyme. If you have been catching the drippings from the steak you can use that to baste the steak over the top.

Keep an eye on the internal temperature of the tomahawk. I use a probe and I stick it right into center of the loin part of the ribeye. You are waiting until the temperature gets up to about 125 and then it will be done. The temperature will climb slowly and you should be basting fairly often. All of this extra basting really gets so much extra flavor into the meat. If you don’t like the bone to get too dark you can always cover it with foil to keep the white color on it.

The Sear Marks Really Add to the Appearance
The Sear Marks Really Add to the Appearance

Resting Time

Once you hit that 125 degrees it is time to get it off the grill. You know we have to let it rest and then its time to get it on the chopping board. Make sure you rest for at least 5 minutes but preferably ten. You want all the juice to stay inside the meat, making it the best tomahawk you have cooked. Not resting for long enough is going to let it all escape and you don’t want that.

When you cut the steak you want to take your knife and follow the bone. Follow it right down and take it right off. After this slice the steak into decent size slices and get ready for a tremendous meal. We love to have some shrimp with our steak and you will love making and eating this amazing shrimp recipe.

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