BBQ Cheese Smashburger

BBQ Cheese Smashburger – Ultimate Guide!

Smashburger’s started off as a craze but they are now a regular on the burger scene. They are here to stay so if you ever wanted to get involved and make your own you are in the right place. This ultimate guide will show you how to make an amazing BBQ Cheese Smashburger.

To get started with this recipe, the only two ingredients. You want to use 80/20 ground as well as some bacon. The rest of the ingredients are all optional. You should build your burger the way you like to eat it.

Preparing the Ingredients

The first thing that you are going to do is form your balls. Because you are making a smashburger you need to form your balls that you are going to be smashing down. Take your ground beef and just loosely pack it into about a two-inch ball.

Repeat this until you have as many balls as you want burgers. Move the ground beef out of the way and then take some salt and pepper. Liberally coat the outside of the meatballs that you have just made. The reason you are doing it this way is just so that you don’t have to season it after you smash it down on the grill.

This is all you need to do to get the burgers prepped. It’s time to go ahead and get your grill set up for cooking.

To prepare for the cook you should place a half a chimney of fully lit briquettes into the cooker. When I do it I remove the water reservoir to allow for a larger heat surface.

You need a flat surface when you make smash burgers. Get your griddle very hot. So leave it for a few minutes until it up to temperature. You do this so that when you press the burgers onto the griddle it gives you that nice crust.

How to make a BBQ Cheese Smashburger
How to make a BBQ Cheese Smashburger

It’s Smashburger Time!

When the griddle is up to temperature it is time to smash the burgers. Take your ball of ground beef along with your spatula and you should smash it down as hard as you can for about ten seconds. Once that’s done move on to the next smashburger. Again you need to do the same thing. This will really help to form that crust that you are looking for on the bottom.

Because you are making bacon burgers you are going to place the strips of bacon on the griddle as well to fry them up. When the smash burgers are halfway done you should flip them over and begin cooking the other side. You should notice a beautiful crust on the burger and it is going to taste incredible.

There are Different Techniques to Smash the Burgers
There are Different Techniques to Smash the Burgers

Cheese is always something that is debated. These are your burgers so use what cheese you want. Some love American cheese, some cheddar, and some blue cheese. You do you and use what is right for you. For me, I like to use cheddar. Place the cheese onto the burgers and just allow it to melt a little bit before you take them off the grill. When your bacon is all crispy its time to pull everything off the grill.

Find the coldest part away from the heat and get your burger buns on. It’s important to do it over a cold grill versus your searing hot grill grates or else your buns will burn!

Build Your Smashburger

With everything ready, it’s time to start building the burger. Again, build it the way that you like to eat your burgers. I like to start with some mayo on the bottom and next you can grab one the burgers. Put one layer or grab the second burger and place that on as well. On top of that, I usually place some sauteed onions. By doing it that way the onions get pressed into the cheese layer. Next, you can place some of the homemade bacon on top of those onions. After this, I always put a big giant tomato followed by some lettuce. Then we have our top bun with a little bit more mayo.

Arguments about sauce can go on forever so do what you want. Personally, I use something that gives a real kick to the burger. But, it’s YOUR burger! So sauce or no sauce is your call completely.

Build the Burger to YOUR Taste
Build the Burger to YOUR Taste

This burger is going to be amazing. It’s got that crispness that you would expect from a classic smash burger as well as that smoky and salty taste from the homemade bacon. This burger is exceptional and I know you are going to love it!

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