Pelon's Puro Pinche BBQ Beans

Pelon’s Puro Pinche BBQ Beans! – Amazing Recipe!

Beans are one of the greatest sides in the BBQ worlds. These Pelon’s Puro Pinche BBQ Beans are going to create a real buzz at your next BBQ. The great thing about beans is that you can prepare them in advance of the BBQ if you think you are going to be busy on the day. You can prepare them the night before and just reheat a few minutes before you serve up your other food.

Prepare the Smoked Sausage and Bacon
Prepare the Smoked Sausage and Bacon


To make these beans you are going to need the following:

1-26oz can of ranch style beans
1-26oz can of pork and beans
2-chopped Roma tomatoes
1-half union chopped white union or your favorite type of union.
3- regular sized jalapenos
1/2 Lb of thick-sliced bacon.
2-10″ links of your favorite smoked sausage chopped in chunks.

Your Guests Will Love This New BBQ Side
Your Guests Will Love This New BBQ Side


Cook your bacon and sausage in your cast iron pot or any pot that you have. When cooking you will want to add minced garlic and fresher cracked pepper. After this, you should add vegetables until cooked.

When the bacon and sausages are cooked you can add both cans of beans. Add a small pinch of cinnamon powder. I also like to add some Tony’s seasoning just for that extra kick. When all is bubbling nicely your beans are ready! If you feel that it is too thick you can always add a little water to them. When the pot is on the grill I like to use mesquite and applewood to really give it a greater flavor.

We have some amazing bean recipes on our site. If you love BBQ beans then you will really like these recipes!

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