Grilled Bacon and Egg Quesadillas - Ultimate Guide!

Grilled Bacon and Egg Quesadillas – Ultimate Guide!

You can eat these anytime of the day but I love to have bacon and eggs for breakfast. If it comes in the form of a quesadilla then i feel like its the perfect start to the day. Many people like to have a sandwich at some point during the day and the quesadilla that comes from Mexico is a similar idea. You have a flour tortilla either side the contents of your choice. Quesadillas are such a fantastic idea, so why not have a grilled bacon and egg quesadilla for breakfast or any other time of the day really.

Today I’m going to show you how to make these. I like to make my own tortillas which you don’t have to do of course, but I really urge you to try it. They are very simple to make and taste amazing. It is a one pot meal, you can put your pan directly over the fire. Use a flat top such as a Blackstone or any other flat area that you can bring up to a good temperature.

These Are Going to be So Good
These Are Going to be So Good

Time to Cook

Get your pan on the heat or the flat top. Bring it up to temperature and pop a tiny little splash of vegetable oil in the bottom of the pan. Next it is time for my favorite part, the bacon! You can use as little or as much as you like. I use four bacon rounds and just put them in the pan. You are going to fry these off until they’re how you like them basically. I like mine to be quite brown and have a little bit of crisp to them. When they are done, take them off the heat and set them to one side.

You will now have some very tasty oil left in the pan. You don’t want to waste this, but you wont need all that you have in there. Take some of the oil out by using a kitchen towel to soak it up. Pop a knob of butter onto your cooking surface and let it start to melt down. Break four eggs into this and break up the eggs. At this point you want to season them with a little black pepper and a little salt. If you want you can put herbs and spices in here as well, you are going to scramble these eggs. Add about a tablespoon or a tablespoon and a half of cream. Continue mixing to get the eggs nice and scrambled. Don’t overcook the eggs. When they are down take them off and leave them to sit with the bacon.

Tortilla Time

Wipe the pan down a tiny bit, drop a tiny little bit of vegetable oil in the pan and also just a little knob of butter. Mix it around to get it evenly coated over the surface of your pan. Now let’s get one of those flour tortillas and just lay it down in the middle. It wouldn’t be a quesadilla if you weren’t putting some nice tasty cheese on top of the

With the cheese melting down its time to put the scrambled egg on top of the cheese. Get that lovely crispy bacon in
there as well, and over the top of that bacon some more tasty cheese. I like to use a cheddar but you could use a mozzarella or provolone. Lay another tortilla over the top. Give it a nice firm push and cook it for another minute or so. You are wanting to let the cheese on the bottom start to melt everything together. You want to now turn it over. The easiest way I know is to put a plate on top and flip the whole pan over. If you are cooking on a flat top then one of those big metal spatulas and a plate will also work just fine. Continue to cook for another minute again. And……eat!

Bacon And Egg Quesadillas
Bacon And Egg Quesadillas

These taste even better when you use your own homemade bacon. Check it out!

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