BBQ Avocado Bacon Bombs! - Ultimate Guide!

BBQ Avocado Bacon Bombs! – Ultimate Guide!

In todays recipe we are going to be making some incredible BBQ Avocado Bacon Bombs! These are incredibly easy to make and a fantastic treat. This recipe makes two bombs. If you need more then please just scale up the quantities. Firstly you are going to need the following ingredients.

Ingredients for Two Bombs

  • 2 avocados
  • 300 gr. ground Beef
  • BBQ-Rub
  • 150 gr. Cheddar
  • 2 TBSP Salt, Pepper, Garlic Mix
  • 7-8 slices of bacon (Or Ham is also OK)
  • BBQ Sauce

Making the Bombs

To get started you will need to take your avocados and cut them in half. Once you have made the cut give them a twist and you should end up with a half of avocado in each hand. Now take your knife and push it into the avocado seed. Give it a twist and pull out the seed.

Next take a spoon and just curve around between the skin and the green part. Do this in one go so that you don’t end up with pieces of avocado. You just want two clean halves. With the skin removed it is time for the next step.

Take your cheese out the fridge and cut it into a shape that will fit into the seed hole of the avocado. Add some SGP seasoning on top and take the other part of the avocado and close it.

Take your ground beef and roll it out into a flat rectangle. You want to cover the whole avocado with ground beef. Mold it and squeeze it until the whole avocado is covered and you have what looks like a very large brown egg. You can also use meat or ground pork. I have in the past used Italian sausage and it was also delicious. The most important thing is to make sure that it is covered so that the avocado stays inside the whole time.

The last step here is to wrap the big eggs in bacon. 3-4 slices of bacon should be enough for each bomb. You can also use some cured ham if you prefer. One thing we all know is that everything tastes better with bacon! With this in mind if you want to make more layers of bacon then go right ahead.

Feel Free to use Ham or Bacon
Feel Free to use Ham or Bacon

Prepare Your Grill

You want to prepare your grill for an indirect setup. Place the coals on one side and get them up to temperature. If you want to add some wood then apple works very well, and people have also used the whisky chunks in the past.

These are going to take about 60minutes to smoke. You will know when they are done as the bacon will start to get a beautiful brown color and become crispy. The next step is optional. I like to apply a layer of BBQ sauce on the outside of the bombs after about 45 minutes. It gives the while thing a nice glaze, tastes great and makes them look even better. If you don’t like BBQ sauce then leave that step out.

So after just sixty minutes these bombs are ready. The bacon should be crispy, the cheese inside melted and they are ready to eat!

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